Data Center Compute and Storage



Data center compute and storage solutions that deliver industry-leading performance and provide for scalability at an optimal value    

Changes in data center technology move fast, and so do we. New workload requirements associated with the rise of big data, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence are driving the need for data center computing with increased agility and power. The demands of these applications require a more robust solution than a standard CPU.

Data center storage is increasingly disaggregated from compute nodes and accessed over fabric. We track the latest trends, such as the increased availability of large capacity SSDs, the emergence of NVMeoF and the rise of GPUs, and find ways to incorporate them into your product. 

We offer fully custom solutions, whether they’re designed from scratch, built from one of our reference platforms or leverage commercial off-the-shelf solutions, to deliver the performance your product demands. 

Our Intelligence of ThingsTM Technologies


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We design and build the overall data center solution including the enclosure, controllers and motherboards. We then integrate commercial off-the-shelf processors, chipsets, memory storage and I/O devices and deliver to meet your custom specifications. 

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Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical 

Our mechanicals expertise in designing and building racks and sheet metal storage helps your product adapt to the changing form factors of servers. We integrate sockets; connectors and cabling; battery charging and batteries; power supplies and power shelf; rigid and flexible PCBA; and groundbreaking cooling heatsinks, fans and liquid. Enable greater equipment density and utilization of power and real estate with our liquid cooling developments.

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Integrate multiple platforms and technologies faster and with confidence with our integration services. We configure and test hardware and software applications to validate cloud solutions that can be scaled in any of our manufacturing sites. 

Partnerships and Certifications 



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