Meet Consumer Demand for Smart Automotive Technologies




Touch. See. Hear. Move.

Efficient, smart vehicles can offer consumers the best of both necessity and luxury. Speed the development and commercialization of your next disruptive automotive solution with our innovative technologies and diverse cross-industry expertise. 


Advanced Lighting 

Imagine new possibilities in automotive lighting with our Sketch-to-Scale® platform, and transform your innovative ideas into implementation-ready solutions for every part of the vehicle.  


Keep safety and functionality at the forefront with our interior lighting applications on the vehicle’s door, footwell, seats, center console and cargo areas. Backlit switches, map pocket lighting, lighted cupholders and our patented lighted seat belt buckle are the helpful touches that complete your customer’s experience.


Improve customer safety with our lighting applications on the vehicle’s exterior, such as door handles, headlights and puddle lamps. Help drivers identify where to kick for hands-free liftgate features using our award-winning kick-zone projector lamp.  



Smart Actuation

Leverage the powerful technologies of Mirror Controls International (MCi), a Flex subsidiary. MCi is a leading global manufacturer of automotive actuator technology for exterior side mirrors and cameras used for various advanced active-aerodynamics applications. 

Improve safety with our patented technology that helps position and fold side mirrors to provide better viewing angles. With LIFT and Double Dent functionalities, our mirror actuators reduce wear and tear while increasing stability. Keep pace with advances in mirror technologies with features like our best-in-class actuating cameras. Achieve greater vehicle efficiency with our active grille shutter actuators. Alter airflow to the engine to promote cooling when open and provide fuel-sparing aerodynamics when closed. 

We have incorporated features like Smart Control, which controls multiple actuators with one box, along with FailSafe, which turns off the active grille shutters in the event of power loss. We also integrate this technology into retractable air dams for additional vehicle efficiency. 




Overhead Consoles

Advance beyond the basic overhead console with our new intelligent solutions that incorporate the latest technologies and even more storage, lighting, HMI and safety features.

The Flex Intelligent Overhead Console (iOHC™) integrates lighting, communications, electronic controls and switches, storage, displays, mirrors, and sensors for in-cabin viewing, gesture recognition or biometric health monitoring. In partnership with an emerging electric vehicle automaker, we developed our first-generation iOHC™ that uses driver and child recognition to automatically activate child locks and security monitoring as needed.  





Media Hubs & Wireless Charging

The connected car ecosystem requires a seamless link between your vehicle and your devices. Our media hubs are CarPlay and Android Auto ready. Stay connected on the go with our media control modules, allowing power and data transfer between consumer devices and the vehicle.  

Offer the convenience of device charging without the need for cables. Our wireless charging platform uses patented technologies to ensure the thinnest, highest-performance and lowest-heat solution in the industry. Complete the user experience with NFC and antenna coupling, plus support for CarPlay and Qi. 



Technical Textiles 

Keep quality and customization at the forefront of the interior with our textile solutions including carpet rolls and floor, trunk, and cargo mats; and details such as metal badging and logos, nylon and polypropylene faces, TPR and PVS backings, and serged and wrapped edge treatments. Stay on the cutting edge with access to developing advancements such as heated and illuminated floor mats. 


Premium Activity Keys 

Enhance the driving experience with premium activity keys integrated into a wristband for engine start, gesture recognition and keyless entry, which supports industry megatrends such as car sharing. Premium activity keys offer a new level of customization. Years of consumer wearable technology experience allows us to help you design them with the functionality of a water- and shock-proof watch. 



Displays, HMI & Headunits 

Drive your vehicle’s center stack with our display, HMI, and headunit manufacturing capabilities. Achieve a complete Sketch-to-Scale solution based on our more than 10 years of experience in infotainment systems; manufacturing and testing capabilities for audio amplifiers; and Bluetooth,Wi-Fi and GPS.





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