Improve Efficiency and Enhance Performance Through Vehicle Electrification



Manage. Distribute. Convert. Recover. Charge. Control.

Electrification is the fast-moving transition from mechanical parts to electronic solutions. Satisfy the growing demand for efficient and technology-enabled automobiles with a range of innovative solutions, from energy management to lighting applications.

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DC-DC Converter


Bridge a mild hybrid’s 12V and 48V propulsion systems with our 48V DC-DC Converter. Ensure minimal power loss with 97 percent efficiency using our design, with passive air-, active air-, or water-cooled variants that can fit with any system. With over 10 years of R&D experience, our DC-DC convertors are uniquely scalable for different power outputs and specifications.



Energy Management / Recuperation Modules 

Improve CO2 reductions, enable active boosting on drivetrain and maximize and sustain power through energy recuperation with our energy management technologies. Initially designed for bus applications, our recuperation modules are all-inclusive Sketch-to-Scale® designs.




Improve engine performance, transmission shift quality, emissions and vehicle fuel economy with our solenoid technology. Our solenoids are custom-engineered to meet your specifications. We’re a value leader in this area: you will derive up to 50 percent cost benefit from the value we provide in precision hydraulic solenoids.  



Provide a safe and reliable distribution of power and electrical connectivity for various vehicle lighting applications with our wiring technologies. From single circuit to high complexity, your assemblies are supported thanks to our strong background in small and medium cables.


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