Advanced Audio and Voice Technologies Provide Solutions Across Industries




The market for audio products and solutions is experiencing exponential growth and will continue to do so.  Experience-enhancing solutions and new features, such as gesture control, adaptive beamforming, enhanced noise and echo cancelation and customizable microphone arrays are expanding in both audio products and in products for which audio is integral, such as vehicles and industrial equipment. These features improve the functionality of today’s audio products, enhancing users’ experience and their daily lives.




Speed your Time to Market With Sketch-to-Scale® Services

We offer audio and voice solution integrations through joint design manufacturing (JDM) partnerships and manufacturing services.

A validated reference design platform can help accelerate your product development timeline. We can reduce your upfront investment costs by customizing any of these platforms.

•    Voice solution module – voice control module and microphone array
•    TrueWirelessTM Stereo Plus earbuds
•    Smart speaker
•    Over-the-ear Bluetooth® headphones
•    Over-the-ear Bluetooth + Wi-Fi headphones 


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Enhance your product design by tapping into our expertise in wireless protocols, mechanical design, acoustic tuning as well as the integration of voice and RF technologies, noise cancellation, heart rate monitoring and media streaming solutions.



We work with the leading silicon vendors to integrate the most current, state-of-the art chipsets with our proprietary voice module and microphone array to enhance your product performance.


We integrate partner-developed software with hardware designed in-house to enable far field voice recognition, beamforming, noise cancelation, and superior audio performance. Elevate the user experience of your product through Human Machine Interface (HMI) controls and algorithms that enable biometric sensors, voice control and cameras for computer vision technology.

Electromechanical / Mechanical

We place the same care in sourcing and selecting materials as we do in shaping them – our mechanicals expertise includes optimal design of acoustic enclosures and a deep understanding of injected molded plastics and anodized metal finishes.

Cross-Industry Expertise

Our expansive visibility across industries grants us the unique ability to share learnings from unconventional sources. As new players enter and non-audio companies continue to grow in the audio space, companies must consider how they maintain their competitive differentiation. A partner with the ability to cross-pollinate is critical.

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