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2.18.2020 - Flex Power Modules announces miniature DC-DC converters for industrial applications.


2.13.2020 - Flex Power Modules adds telecom version to BMR480 DC-DC converter series.


1.29.2020 - Flex Power Modules signs global partnership agreement with Digi-Key.


1.15.2020 - Flex Power Designer broadens support and adds new features.


11.20.2019 - Flex Power Modules announces the PKM7500W and PKM7100W, two new series of quarter-brick modules for powering railway rolling stock equipment.


11.14.2019 - Flex Power Modules announces the PKJ7200 and PKJ7300 series of power modules for railway rolling stock equipment


11.07.2019 - Flex Power Modules announces the BMR4615001/001, a new variant of its popular BMR461 series of digital point-of-load (PoL) regulators.


10.23.2019 - Flex Power Modules announces low-cost 70W DC/DC converter ideal for microwave applications


10.01.2019 - Flex Power Modules announces cost-efficient, ultra-miniature PoL regulators from 4-8 A


09.19.2019 - Flex Power Modules adds active current sharing to BMR490 DC-DC converter


07.11.2019 - Flex Power Modules introduces high power density 15A/50W output digital PoL regulator 


06.25.2019 - Flex Power Modules introduces 500W quarter brick DC/DC converter for RFPA telecoms applications


05.28.2019 - Flex Power Modules announces encapsulated sixteenth brick DC/DC converter for industrial/railway and telecom


05.08.2019 - Flex Power Modules extends its PKE range of highly reliable and efficient industrial DC/DC converters


04.24.2019 - Flex Power Modules introduces ultra-wide input DC/DC converters for Industrial and Railways applications


03.19.2019 - Flex Power Modules introduces dual output digital PoL for high power density ICT applications


03.12.2019 - Flex Power Modules announces high power 1300 W DC/DC converter in a quarter brick format


02.05.2019 - Flex Power Modules introduces industry's smallest 260 W DC/DC converter in a sixteenth brick footprint


01.23.2019 - Flex Power Modules new DC/DC converters are cost-optimized for high-volume wireless/microwave applications


01.15.2019 - Flex Power Designer adds thermal simulation to cut time to market


01.09.2019 - Flex Power Modules broadens portfolio in industrial and railway sector


11.19.2018 - Flex Power Modules targets emerging Direct Conversion market with class-leading isolated DC-DC converter


10.17.2018 - Flex Power Modules boosts portfolio for RFPA applications with PKB-D 250W DC-DC converter


09.04.2018 - Flex Power Modules debuts ultra-efficient 700W half-brick DC/DC converters to power RFPA applications in LDMOS or GaN


07.11.2018 - Flex Power Modules expands innovative BMR480 DC/DC advanced bus converter series with 1300 Watt rated version


05.21.2018 - Flex Power Modules announces new BGA packaging option for digital point-of-load DC/DC converters

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