SF Invention Lab and Micro-Factory


A prototyping, design, and smallbatch manufacturing facility in downtown San Francisco for Flex customers.


Work with Flex in locations around the world to successfully bring your next innovation to market


Computer numerical control (CNC) machining

5-axis CNC Haas UMC-750 for high speed machining of metal, plastics, or foam models + parts

  • Configured with 5-axis quick-change work-holding system
  • 40+1 side mounted tool auto tool-changing system
  • 12,000 RPM high-speed machining

Injection molding

110 Ton Fanuc Roboshot press with steel or soft tooling. Shoot plastic or rubberized parts.

30 Ton Arburg vertical machine for overloading applications 

Ployjet 3D printed soft tooling for low complexity short runs (less than 100 shots)

Production-level PCB SMT

Samsung SM482 6-head pick and place with support for up to 28,000 components per hour; Stencil free paste deposition process using a Mycronic MY500 solder jet printer with automatic visual inspection

  • All work is lead-free
  • 18x11” L x 15.74” W board size
  • .59” max component height
  • 30 micron placement accuracy
  • 0201 minimum component size
  • 120 slot feeder capacity + tray and vibration stick feeders (some projects may require additional feeders)
  • Double sided boards via manual second-run process

3D printing and modeling

Three Objet 500 Connex3 Polyjet 3D printers - Print models using up to 82 material properties in a single build (colors, hardness, opacity)

  • 16-micron layer accuracy for ultra-smooth realistic prints
  • Supports models up to: 490 Å~ 390 Å~ 200 mm (19.3 x 15.35 x 7.9 in.)

Two Stratasys Fortus 400mc FDM 3D printer - Filament based printing for durable parts and models.

  • Layer thickness down to 0.013” (0.330mm) with some materials
  • Supports models up to: 355 Å~ 254 Å~ 254 mm (14 x 10 x 10 in.)

DLP SLA 3D Printer - experimental

  • Autodesk Ember
  • 10 micron layers
  • 64 x 40 x 134 mm build size

Specifically serving early-stage product teams, hardware start-ups, and high-touch product designs, the Invention Lab allows a team to work on products together on-site with Flex designers and engineers. Teams can also experiment with materials, technologies and processes that disrupt conventional thinking or business models.

We offer the ability to co-locate your team or company with Flex designers and engineers during product development. Some teams may take short trial runs, artisan product experiments, or customized products to production in the San Francisco facility, while others use this as an early on-ramp before higher-volume NPI activities in Flex Product Innovation Centers around the world.

Ideal for:

Early proof-of-concepts and design explorations: From your first product model to the first 1000 early test units.

Iteration and refinement before mass-production NPI: Work on-site alongside Flex engineers while the first models are made, or design and process refinements happen while the first units are assembled.


Assembly and testing

Multiple assembly and test lines to trial shortrun production with engineers on-hand

  • Ability to make test jigs (bed-of-nails style) on-site
  • SMT rework and inspection
  • Additional lines and stations can be rotated in from other Flex manufacturing facilities around the world
  • Final system-level testing, packaging and shipping services available


Full shop for working with metals, plastics, foam, RenShape®, and wood.


Dedicated materials sourcing coordinator on-site that can procure same-day from local sources, or tap in to the global Flex supply chain

Visit us at 120 8th Street, San Francisco, CA, USA 94103