Fortune Brainstorm Health

November 1 - 2, 2016
Fairmont Grand Del Mar, San Diego, CA


Personal Wellness Track

Your wearable device can keep track of the calories you consume, your racing pulse as you run, the steps you take in any given hour. But, can it prevent atrial fibrillation? Can it warn of an imminent stroke? Can it identify those at risk of diabetes, depression or domestic abuse? And if so, can it summon help with enough warning time that it makes a difference? Here is an in-depth, what's possible now discussion when it comes to how the technology we wear can potentially save our lives.

Flex's President Medical Solutions, John Carlson

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Dr. Dave Albert, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, AliveCor

John Carlson, President, Medical Solutions, Flex

Dr. David C. Rhew, Chief Medical Officer and Head, Health Care and Fitness, Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

Dr. Eric Topol, Professor of Genomics, Scripps Research Institute; Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute