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Logistics Warehouse Increases Energy Efficiency by 86% and Saves Operating Costs with Flex Lighting Solutions

Port City Logistics converted a 180,000-square-foot warehouse from food to bulk storage, a change that required a new floor plan and a reconfigured aisle racking. The existing lighting system did not have the flexibility to meet the new lighting requirements, wasting energy due to over-lighting some areas and leaving others too dark. In addition, the fluorescent lighting system came with high maintenance costs and safety concerns about broken glass and mercury exposure.


Business Objective 

Port City Logistics realized that they needed to overhaul their lighting system to meet the new configuration requirements efficiently and economically.

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  1. Customer
    Port City Logistics
  2. Product
    LED Lighting System
  3. Services
    Lighting Design, Control Systems, Energy Reduction, Maintenance Savings, Increased Safety










 “With the new Flex lighting, the light levels were dramatically improved in the aisles. We tripled the light from less than 5-foot candles to 15. The area lighting was also improved from 10-foot candles to 15.”


- Joel Rudicil, owner of LED Lowcountry 



Flex Lighting Solutions and LED Lowcountry partnered with Port City Logistics to design a new lighting floorplan. The new system replaced the old T5 Fluorescent fixtures with Flex Essentials Series 4.0 LED high bays.

This upgrade eliminated the cost and time required to continuously service 1,144 fluorescent lamps. The Essentials Series 4.0 LED high bays offer flexible settings that satisfy the different lighting requirements of both open areas and aisles.

The installed Essentials Series 4.0 LED high bays feature integrated control systems that maximize energy savings. Occupancy sensors detect activity and photocells measure natural light in the area so that each luminaire can adjust its light output accordingly to deliver the optimal illumination level.



The new system provides Port City Logistics with a properly illuminated warehouse with intelligent control systems and the flexibility to adapt the illumination for future demands. Furthermore, the company has improved their energy efficiency and saved money, all while increasing safety, productivity and employee efficiency. 

  • Over 86 percent energy reduction
  • 100 percent reduction of maintenance costs
  • $21,500 estimated annual cost savings
  • Reconfigured and redesigned lighting layout
  • Increased light levels from 5-foot candles to 15-foot candles
  • Increased safety