Lighting Solutions

Executive Aviation Hangar Reduces Energy Usage by 69% with An Industrial Lighting Solution  

A leader in business aviation, from aircraft management and maintenance to private jet charter, engaged Flex Lighting Solutions partner, Eco-Green-Energy to conduct a free analysis of the lighting system at two of the customer’s airport hangars. The assessment revealed an opportunity to improve the current lighting levels while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Business Objective 

The award-winning executive aviation company was motivated to upgrade its industrial lighting system with high-quality, wet location rated fixtures that delivered the required light levels. Due to a costly experience in the past, the customer requested a wet location-rated solution to avoid the need to replace the lighting fixtures again in case of fire sprinkler-induced water damage.  

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  1. Customer
    Executive Aviation Hangar
  2. Product
    LED Lighting System
  3. Services
    Lighting Design, Control Systems, Energy Reduction, Maintenance Savings, Increased Safety 






“I am pleased with the partnership between us, Eco-Green-Energy and Flex Lighting Solutions. The new LED high bay fixtures look great, provides significant savings and more efficient lighting.”


— Facilities Supervisor, Executive Aviation Company



We demonstrated that we could take an innovative and complex design, and bring it to success.


The company replaced 88 fluorescent fixtures, one for one, with the Essentials Series 4.0 LED high bay fixtures with wet location-rated option.



The light levels in the hangars increased from 25 to 32-foot candles with an even light distribution, improving visibility and enhancing the atmosphere of the hangars.

Operating 18 hours a day, 6 days a week, the hangar realized a 69% energy savings and $15,495 annual cost savings after the lighting upgrade. The company expects to achieve additional cost savings due to reduced labor and maintenance costs previously needed for the frequent service of 528 fluorescent tubes and ballasts.