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Diversity creates change. Change creates disruption. Disruption creates new opportunities.

Within our model, you have the opportunity to support, engage and influence almost everything we do.  Why? Because our Global Business Services (GBS) teams are global in their thinking and responsibilities. They can travel the world, engage with manufacturing sites, innovate by supporting design and more. 

The breadth of the industries we support give an unparalleled ability to not just go deep with your skill sets but learn new areas, new industries and new cultures. Our culture and environment promote trying new things, changing roles and bringing diversity to our company.

Diversity creates change. Change creates disruption. Disruption creates new opportunities.

We have turned the GBS model on its head here at Flex!  Many companies follow the idea of shared services as performing easy, routine work from a remote location. 

We have a different perspective.  GBS is a key productivity and standardization driver for us. Around the world, there are very skilled and energetic workers that contribute more than just routine work.  We realized this talent base can do more, much more!

Our GBS teams are embedded in the business process.  They contribute information, ideas and are always creatively thinking of new ways to make things better.  If you are one of those types of people, we want you!

Join us and be a valued member of not just a company but a culture of change!

GBS is a key productivity and standardization driver for Flex.