Every day we strive to lift the human spirit. To give people opportunity, no matter where they come from, who they are, what they do, or where they live. We value and advance human dignity and human rights around the world.


We believe in a brighter tomorrow and what people can do when our lives are connected.  That’s why every day 200,000 of us set out to do one thing–-create a smarter, more connected world.  Our focus is on (1) developing and empowering talented people to deliver on their potential, (2) providing employees with a healthy, safe and secure workplace and (3) valuing and advancing the human rights of all employees. 


Workforce Development

Training is crucial for organizational development and success. Flex is committed to training and developing employees at all levels by providing an array of programs including instructor-led classes, online learning, on-the-job training and leadership development programs.  These offerings support continuous improvement for our most valuable assets: our people. In addition to continuous learning opportunities, Flex empowers employees to take charge of their careers and offers employees opportunities to manage their career through annual goal setting, mid-year checkpoint discussions, performance appraisals, training, and development.

Last year we launched the Flex Leadership Development Program (FLDP): a two-year, global cross-functional rotation program designed to give high-potential employees broad Flex exposure and prepare them for future leadership positions.


The Flex Leadership Development Program (FLDP) provides participants access to senior leaders, offering you networking, mentorship, and global exposure.

Wellness and Safety

We are committed to providing our employees with a healthy, safe and secure working and living spaces. Our goal is to instill robust safety measures at every level of the organization. Our Health and Safety management approach aims to ensure that all of our employees and contractors have safe housing and work environments. We identify risky activities and tasks, and implement measures to avoid and mitigate negative impacts.

Flex has a global citizenship metrics system that enables tracking, monitoring and reporting of Health and Safety performance on a regular basis. We use that internal measurement system to evaluate the effectiveness of our Health and Safety management approach.

Additionally, Flex facilities have a health and safety management system in place with many certified in OHSAS 18001:2007. An example of our commitment to our employee’s wellness are the medical treatment centers established in certain sites in Mexico, China and Malaysia. Our employees in Skudai, Malaysia enjoy various services from health care checks to wellness programs 24 hours a day. The experienced clinic staff also provides workplace health screenings and helps employees with the medical reimbursement process. Our clinic experts also train employees to raise awareness, as well as provide a platform for discussing health topics and finding answers to health questions.

Download the Environmental, Health and Safety Policy.

Labor and Human Rights

We are committed to respecting the Labor and Human Rights of all our employees through the principles which are clearly spelled out in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. The Flex Labor and Human Rights management approach aims to avoid and mitigate negative impacts to all stakeholders. This management system is aligned to the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC®) Code of Conduct and to other international standards.

Flex is actively working on human rights issues in partnership with customers and through our participation in the EICC and the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights, where we have been a member since 2010.

Our labor and human rights metrics are focused on EICC and legal compliance (covering working hours, overtime and rest periods). Our metrics system consolidates the working hours information from time and attendance tracking systems and then calculates compliance automatically. The system releases regular reports to local, regional and global staff. System roll up is planned in phases. Phase I, which included the US and Mexico, was completed at the end of 2014; phase II was concluded in June 2015 and integrated China fully into this online system.

We maintain these standards across our supply chain, with special attention to suppliers in China. In early 2013, we began collecting monthly working hours data from suppliers. Records indicating excessive working hours are highlighted and suppliers are required to provide reasoning and corrective action to ensure that they can improve in the subsequent months.

Download the Labor And Human Rights Policy.