We design and build intelligent products that are engineered and manufactured with sustainability in mind.  We’re also growing in areas that have the potential to mitigate climate change including renewable energy, connected home, autonomous vehicles, smart agriculture and supply chain optimization.

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing

Flex reviews and incorporates environmental considerations into a product design prior to reaching the manufacturing stages. Our own designs meet energy conservation, product disassembly, product recyclability, product upgradability, material conservation and hazardous material requirements among others.

The Advanced Engineering Group (AEG) at Flex provides technologically focused innovative solutions that improve the reliability and quality of a product in a sustainable ergonomic healthy environment. This team has developed environmentally friendly cleaning methods, processes to reduce hazardous waste, new ways to lower energy consumption to reduce our carbon footprint. Automated assembly reduces the stress of moving heavy objects and risk of injury from repetitive tasks. These new developments allow Flex to produce advanced products for our customers in an ergonomic environment that is safe and reliable.


Flex's expertise in design, engineering, and manufacturing in industries like automotive, medical and consumer electronics makes us a perfect partner with Nike to revolutionize footwear manufacturing. In October 2015, Nike announced a partnership with Flex looking to advance their work around their manufacturing business model that includes enhancements in automation, modernization, sustainability, and innovative new methods of manufacturing.

Supply Chain Innovation

We are transforming our value chain to enable organizations in all industries to move toward responsible sourcing. Flex is committed to continuously monitoring and driving compliance to our global citizenship requirements throughout our entire supply chain. We require our suppliers to have a management system in place to ensure continuity and effectiveness of sustainability activities and to mitigate potential risks. Our aim is to leverage the magnitude of our supply chain to make a positive impact in our industry.


Flex is committed to continuously monitoring and driving compliance to our global citizenship requirements throughout our entire supply chain


Flex has further enhanced its sketch-to-scale service offering with the launch of Flex Pulse, a software-based real-time mobile collaboration tool providing unprecedented levels of connected intelligence for managing global supply chains.


All employees in procurement-related functions are required to adhere to Flex’s Global Procurement and Supply Chain Policy. This helps ensure fair and ethical business practices. We expect our suppliers to comply with Flex’ Global Citizenship requirements and EICC’s Code of Conduct.


Flex’ suppliers are expected to:

  • Promote positive global citizenship activities - Suppliers are expected to understand their social responsibility and to promote these activities within their company and their supply chain.
  • Conform to EICC requirements - Suppliers are expected to understand EICC requirements and conform to these requirements.
  • Contribute to society and community - Suppliers should proactively participate in activities that contribute to the development of global society and local community.


Flex has integrated elements of the Flex Supplier Code of Conduct into our Supplier Qualification Process. The Flex Supplier Qualification Process covers several key elements including business, quality systems, operations, engineering/design, product and process environmental compliance, supply chain security, global citizenship, and lean concepts. Over 40 percent of questions asked in the Supplier Assessment Questionnaire relate to “Global Citizenship” and “Product and Process Environmental Compliance”, demonstrating Flex’ commitment to good citizenship and environmental compliance.


Supplier Information

Energy Solutions

Flex is growing an important energy business helping customers produce many of the technologies and components vital to a clean and green economy. Our business already includes a wide variety of products related to renewable energy (assembly of solar modules and solar power inverters), energy efficiency (“smart” meters and actuators, high efficiency LED lighting solutions) and efficient power conversion and storage (high density batteries and power supplies, wireless charging).

Global Citizenship innovation is to keep sustainability in mind


Flex is looking for growth opportunities in several areas that have the potential to mitigate climate change including:


  • renewable energy,
  • connected home,
  • autonomous vehicles,
  • smart agriculture, and
  • supply chain optimization.


Climate change is impacting consumer demand for more energy efficient products and services. As changes in temperatures and precipitation patterns become more extreme and begin to interrupt the daily lives of consumers, the products Flex builds and the services we create for our customers will change. Some recent examples of our advancements to curb climate change include:


  • Entering into a definitive agreement to acquire NEXTracker, a leader in smart solar tracking solutions. NEXTracker designs and manufactures one of the world's most advanced single-axis photovoltaic (PV) trackers that orients PV panels to maximize energy output. The acquisition will augment the Flex Energy business. The NEXTracker solutions will expand Flex's solar capabilities in commercializing smart and connected energy technologies.
  • Expanding our lighting solutions portfolio by adding a new aisle lighting fixture for manufacturing and warehouse applications. The new product helps facility managers improve illumination in manufacturing and warehouse applications while lowering their utility bills.
  • Partnering with Green Charge Networks to deploy intelligent energy saving storage nationwide.
  • Bringing Flex solar manufacturing capacity to more than 1.7 Gigawatts by partnering with Sun Edison - the world’s largest renewable energy development company.

Industry Expertise